Treasures are important to everyone. No matter whether it’s an old broken piece of pottery, beautiful urns, stunning carpets, precious teapots, Turkish lights… I gain great enjoyment from trying to bring them to life by combining etching and hand colouring. Printmaking paper is like a sponge but I persevere. I find it calming to patiently work away at the image. Layers and layers later, I have a sense of achievement when it suddenly occurs to me that it is complete.


If you would like to purchase any of the limited edition artworks below, please contact Jennifer O'Young.

Prices range from $300 to $400.



These treasures have been created using aluminium etching. The image was transferred onto a plate, which was coated in hard ground, a waxy coating which can be drawn into using a sharp, needle-like tool. It was then etched in a ‘non toxic bath’. The ground was cleaned off and bitumen was used to block out at first whites, then light and mid tones. The plate was immersed again in a half strength bath. To achieve darker tones, the plate remained longer in the solution.


Again detail of line work and colour, is what I love about these works. Many layers of watercolour were required to add depth. At times a small amount of gold leaf is added for a lift.