The art of the miniature is many hundreds of years old and has been evident around the world, in the west, in Russia, Iran, India …


The general definition of a miniature is a work that does not exceed 100 sq cm (10cm x10cm) or any variation under this size (eg. 8.5cm x11.5cm). The spirit of miniaturization must be maintained so that subjects are miniaturized. This means that one flower of actual size, would not technically be considered a miniature, even if the work is within measurement requirements.

Miniature works are a personal object that the viewer must appreciate at a distance but also at close range so that the image and techniques used, are fully appreciated. Miniatures have always been regarded as precious. In days gone by many were an object that could be held in ones hand.


Subjects are unlimited and many varied mediums may be used:


  • Painting
  • Drawing
  • Original Prints
  • Mixed Media
  • 3D


If you would like to purchase any of the limited edition artworks below, please contact Jennifer O'Young.

Prices range from $180 to $300.



These works have been created using aluminium etching. The beauty of this technique is that aluminium can be etched using a ‘non-toxic bath’, which is a relatively safe method. Also a degree of tone work can be achieved using a less strong solution of this bath.


 I now very much enjoy, hand colouring some of these tiny images with watercolour. I feel that this additional technique, gives a very dramatic result. This combination of etching and painting, requires many hours of work but I love it!


  • ‘The Dragon Stirs’ won the printmaking section of the ASMA (Australian Society of Miniatures) printmaking award in 2012.
  • Also ‘Asami (Morning Beauty)’ travelled to Tasmania, London and Moscow in a ‘World Federation of Miniaturists’ exhibition.
  • 'Turkish Lights 1' has just won first place in the Australian Society of Miniature Art's 2014 awards.