Multicultural themes run through many of my works. I have worked with families from many countries around the world and have very much enjoyed this contact. Cultures are rich and interesting. One learns so much from immersion through this contact and of course through travel. I have explored Chinese, Japanese, Turkish, Russian, Balinese and Indian images. They fascinate me and I always feel inspired to create something to honour them. Whether it’s the pensive concubine, the graceful geisha, ottoman patterns, Russian folktales or colourful Indian saris, the inspiration is limitless.


Culture too can relate to a certain time in the past such as the ‘hippy’ era when paisley was the go. I love to work with all types of patterns from a certain time in history, from fabrics or wallpapers or simply in nature around us. 


If you would like to purchase any of the limited edition artworks below, please contact Jennifer O'Young.

Prices range from $100 to $500.



Monochome (in this case black) linocuts make use of simple, bold shapes and patterns. (eg. Mitsuko – shining child). Printing in two or three colours using more than one piece of lino, allows many possibilities for texturing and shading. In the work ‘The Blue Wash of Delicious Promise’, three layers have been used - one with soft background colours, the next with the figure and the last with the floral layer.


Photo polymer etching allows me to enjoy drawing images then play with those using layering. ‘Saika …’ has been placed on a subtle background of circles with the fine Japanese paper also adding to the look of the final work.


‘Yoshino’ has been created on an aluminium plate which has been printed using fine Japanese paper as a background.


Drypoint is the simplest and most direct of the intaglio processes. It consists of scratching into the surface of a plate (in this case plastic), using a strong, sharp point. The point is used to score the surface, which causes a ridge of metal to be thrown up on one or both sides of the line. This ‘burr’ holds more ink than shallow scratches. This creates a velvety, rich quality. The number of good quality prints is limited with this technique (eg. Thoughts of Love Lost).


'Saika...' received first place in the Printmaking section in the Ku-Ring-Gai Art Society Awards.

'Flirting with the Blue Wash of Melancholy' received first place in the Ku-Ring-Gai Art Society awards in the printmaking section.

'Hanako Flower Child' received an overall award in the Hornsby Art Prize.