Children's Art

I have worked in education for many years and children have always been a source of wonder … I love their freshness, their innocence, their laughter and spontaneity. Given the opportunity, children are teachers too and they have taught me much about life and human nature. 

To create educational resources is a practical way to assist fellow teachers but after creating many black-line drawings, I felt it was time to introduce colour. I spent a short time working with gouache but then discovered etching and other forms of printmaking. Unexpectedly, the child centred works have been very popular. All I began with was the word ‘surprise’ and from this, a line of subjects has emerged. The process of creating titles generally, is something that I love to do. Sometimes title first, midway or at completion of a work.


If you would like to purchase any of the limited edition artworks below, please contact Jennifer O'Young.

Prices range from $100 to $120.


All these images have been created using photo polymer etching techniques. I have worked with simple black-line drawings for children and I have enjoyed drawing these in detail, using various pencils (2B, 4B, 6B, 8B). I collect paper and black and white images to use as backgrounds. Each image is then photocopied onto a transparency and then placed ink side down onto a photo polymer plate in a carrier. This plate was then exposed in the sun for approximately two and a half minutes. It was then washed, dried using a hairdryer, then post exposed for an hour or so.


The inking up was done the following day to ensure that the polymer plate was hard and ready to use. I tend to use a mix of sepia, payne’s grey and black to ink up the image. Then follow with a colour roll of soft apricot and soft blues.


I like to use BKRives paper (280gms Off white).